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Cast spells. Build traps. Fight a hundred players in real-time. Be the last mage standing in this 2D fantasy battle royale.



Arx Arcana is a 2D fantasy battle royale game where you battle against a hundred players by casting spells, summoning monsters, building castle walls, traps and rubber duckies*. Be the last one standing to win.

  • Choose from a variety of characters with unique attacks
  • Explore the map to gather abilities, resources, and potions
  • Build turrets, traps and monsters to defeat your opponents
  • Survive the longest while avoiding the poisonous fog to win
  • Fast-paced 5 minute rounds so you can take that bathroom break
  • Level up to unlock new spells, traps and weapons

 Join us on discord

While you are waiting for the alpha, join the Arx Arcana Discord server where you can chat with us and get early access to test builds. We look forward to seeing you there.

*No rubber duckies were harmed in the making of this game. Also, no rubber duckies have been seen... yet.